Jarlshof Prehistoric And Norse Settlement, Shetlands – March 29th, 2011

A website has a life of its own. As you add bits, pages and subdomains, it changes into something you hadn’t really envisioned. After a while, you find remnants of projects that are no longer relevant and even as a webmaster it is hard to keep an overview. Cleaning and maintaining the thing becomes a drag.

That is what happened to krowland.net and all its subdomains. So I gave it a quick makeover. Some of the old pages or subdomains have been (re)moved:

  • The HaXml page and The Boxer Menu were deemed obsolete.
  • The posts from ‘Α Try αt Hαskeλλ in Λinguistics’ can be found in the Haskell category. Resources for Haskell in linguistics are available at haskell.org.
  • You will find the posts concerning my trip to Canada in the Canada 2010 category (Dutch).
  • In 2001, I wrote a master thesis about Maurice Gilliams. An online version is still available at http://gilliams.krowland.net (Dutch). Basically, the Gilliams subdomain cost me way too much blood, sweat and tears to just delete it.

I hope you like the makeover. It didn’t require Photoshop: what you see is what you get ;-)