Classification and tagging

In the previous post, I announced that I was going to work on classification. Unfortunately, the chapter in question on is still very much under construction and only contains some introductory concepts on classification. Instead, I leaped to the chapter concerning part of speech tagging and worked my way through the first few functions. I will write a post when I actually have something to show.


It’s been a busy week since I also worked in The Haskell Road, an interesting book by Jan van Eijck. The first two chapters deal with basic concepts of logic:

  • logical connectives and truth tables
  • logical validity (and a Haskell function to check it)
  • logical equivalence (and a Haskell function to check it)
  • quantifiers (restricted, unrestricted, domain of quantification).

It’s quite fun to work my way through the book. Not having a background in logic, my knowledge of Haskell actually helps to grasp logical concepts and at the same time forces me to look at Haskell from a different viewpoint. Will definitely be continued, even more so since I discovered Computational Semantics with Functional Programming, which has been added to my reading list.


Haskell is becoming increasingly popular and Daniƫl de Kok and Harm Brouwer were interviewed on their nice work at The same blog also sports an interview with Jan van Eijck and an overview of interesting articles on the Philosophy of Language, Logic, and Linguistics.

Why do I feel like a sugar-addicted kid that just discovered a cookie jar the size of Alabama? Sweet!