It’s been a while since I wrote a post for this weblog, and there are some (good) reasons:

  • I’ve been very busy, both at work and at home.
  • I relapsed into an old habit: reading The Wheel of Time. Parents, beware! Do not let your children read this stuff!
  • I took a stroll into a history of computational linguistics in the Low Countries by Leonoor van der Beek. It’s worth a read if you know Dutch and are looking for an interesting overview of the major breakthroughs and hurdles in this young discipline.
  • I’m also looking into formal semantics, although this project is quite premature.
  • I got tired of posting code (and making sure it looked alright). I installed a plugin last week that should make life a bit easier.

Yes, my attention is shifting. I already made clear from the start that the goal of this blog was unclear, so I’m just wandering about to see which subjects fascinate me. I also worked on the POS tagger from and managed to display the 10 most frequent correction rules for the Brown Corpus. Next, we will use these rules on the corpus. I will post the code once I get an idea of the tagger’s success rate with these rules applied to it.